Hi. I'm a writer, practising curator;
freelancing as a content creator, storyteller, PR agent.
I'm a lifelong relational anthropologist, an emotionally intelligent & empathetic woman of colour who defies the idea of normativity & refuses to be defined by any single part of her life.

nuanced, unconventional, subversively classic
describe the style of my work.

I design solutions with artists and creatives. For example, I'm an advisor to the Vancouver Mural Festival, for whom I located the missing parts in their development as a non-profit org and how they could shine a light on what the public didn't know—what they do best other than putting art up on walls. I'm also a consultant for artists who seek advice on how to anew their artistic style through working with concepts. ++

I create experiences based on concepts that are engaging, inspiring & educational.
Most excited about socially conscious + impact-aiming projects,
specifically through sculpting brand narrative, content & exhibition production.

I'm a collaborator and am looking for challenges and people who value innovative storytelling, brand narratives + deliverables that are challenging x impactful.

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