Working in the Arts

Living and working in artistic multiplicity, I'm a creator who works collaboratively on inter-arts projects. Individually, my work is documentary of social anthropological observations. I'm a practising curator and have been involved in co-curation and production of exhibitions.


Inter-arts Projects

DYSEMBODIMENT (January 2017) 

Part of my artist/writer's residency at Break' Art Mix artists residency in Paris, I curated an art show that presented inter-arts works by Canadian artists: Consent, Ray Hsu, and myself. The written material has been readapted by other artists and will be published in a New York based magazine in fall, 2017.

Art Song Lab / Queer Arts Festival (June, 2016)

An annual collaboration performance project, ASL selects and pairs up 12 poets and 12 composers to produce 12 art songs in total. These songs then go through a week of workshops and revisions, both between collaborators and in public settings, before a world-premier concert at the end of the week.  

ASL 2016 was part of Queer Arts Festival. 

So Close To Epiphany

Producer & Interlocutor
A personal creative project, I broadcast recordings: conversations, sounds, interactions, monologues, etc. 


Bau-Xi Gallery

At Bau-Xi, the longest standing commercial gallery in Vancouver, I facilitated in gallery operation. Including art sales, artist representation, client relation, artist relation, writing press releases and curatorial statements, installation, and most importantly, engaging and educating visitors with knowledge about the represented artists and their work.

Art Agent

Working with photographer & writer Piet Suess. Contact me for inquiries on his artwork and/or collaborations.