KHCC is Katherine Chan’s full initials, including the Chinese name she was born into. While her relationship with HC is quiet and personal, giving it its place is an attempt at decolonizing the Hong Kong-British history of her upbringing.

Katherine translates emotions into articulated experience with deconstructive conversations, writing, narrative questions, and creative concept.
nuanced, unconventional, subversively classic
have been described as the style of her work.

Proud to be an emotionally intelligent & empathetic woman of colour who defies the idea of normativity & refuses to be defined by any single part of her life. She privileges the intersectionality in people.

Experienced in facilitating conversations, project narrative, art exhibition production. Got poise and a persuasive voice. She slips into direction and advisory roles in creative projects. Biggest fan of clear, concise communication & intersectional feminist narrative.

Katherine works well with challenging conversations and people who value innovative storytelling & impactful messaging. Freelance and collaborative inquiries welcome.



  • soothing machine living deliberately

  • practicing intersectional feminist narrative therapy

  • conceptual creative & arts professional

  • aspiring psychologist / behavioural economist

  • she/her