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dysfunction • dysphoria • disembody


One-Night Art Show of Poetry, Art Installations & Video Art

Artists: Katherine Chan, Consent, Ray Hsu
Performers: Katherine Chan, Julia Catalán Diez, Johann Bertelli, Malik Crumpler, Corinne Séguin
Curator: Katherine Chan
@ Break' Art Mix Artist's Residency, Paris


About the show

This first presentation of DYSEMBODIMENT in Paris explored the topics of sexuality, intent, and body and mind disconnection. A mental experiment of sexuality and identity without the body. Reading of poetry and prose from myself and a selection of artists based in Paris; art installations narrowing disembodiment to the emphasis of consent by artist Consent; and a video compilation on virtual reality experience collaborated by Vancouver based educator & art/tech connector, Ray Hsu. The exhibition was followed by a discussion with participants. 

DYSEMBODIMENT is the result of my writer/curator's residency in January 2017, with specific focus on queerness and sexuality.

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Stills from "Whatever That Feels Like", video compilation: a documentation of a first-time VR user experience with subtitles from Ray Hsu's response poem to Katherine's poem, "Irrational Exuberance"