jiwa (digital management inc.)

“It’s just a bit strange to me that when someone dies, for some reason, you’re allowed to look through their journal. It’s almost like the privacy is completely gone when you’re gone.”

in the fall of 2017, the conceptualization of jiwa fully began between two women in communications (one in tech, the other in the arts and mental health). joining forces, the two began working on questions around what it means to die digitally and what happens to our social media accounts after we pass, and designed a service that helps folks make informed decisions about how they wish their online presence to be handled in the event of their death.

in October 2018, jiwa was launched on halloween with an event called bonfire.

jiwa’s services aimed to alleviate the burden of legalities and unattended profiles around death. at its core, jiwa was created by two friends who looked to create a consent-based future.

in March 2019, jiwa digital management inc. was dissolved.

as a co-founder, I had the pleasure to put my creative direction, conceptualization, and narrative therapeutic thinking to use in jiwa’s direction and strategy, and importantly, the design of its main service: digital legacy plan.

I’m especially proud of the two events we hosted in the year’s time: bonfire (halloween) and cheated (valentine’s day), set on those days intentionally to decolonize their contemporary notions and address the losses found on these days. we had between 15 to 25 people for each event, where we partnered up with local community spaces, artists, and offered a space where we talked about death and our relationships or lack there of to it.

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images taken from discoverjiwa.com