The Lost Vancouver: An Art Deco Tour 

an exhibition

Co-Producers: Anne Vegnaduzzo & Katherine Chan
Artists: Mathieu Persan & Simon DesRochers
Written material: Katherine Chan
Press liaison: Katherine Chan
Curator: Anne Vegnaduzzo
Creative strategy: Katherine Chan & Anne Vegnaduzzo
Selected for 2017's Capture Photography Festival

about the exhibition

a showcase of photographic works by Simon DesRochers and interpretive illustration by Mathieu Persan, focusing on the shifts in Vancouver’s landscape by reminiscing Art Deco. The art works provide a lens, both generous and nostalgic, into the remaining Art Deco buildings in Vancouver. This is the first exhibition to launch The Lost Vancouver series, which aims to spark conversations around preservation of heritage, architecture; the future of art and its necessity in the development of Vancouver. This artistic collaboration takes participants through the history of Vancouver and Art Deco, to survey the relationship between art and economic shifts within a city, and the importance to preserve and restore Canadian cultural heritage landmarks.

Special thanks to former provincial Heritage Branch director Jennifer Iredale for opening remarks, and Pat Christie and the wonderful crew behind SPACE.


CBC Vancouver:

“Images at the exhibition enhance some of the unique features of the architecture, as well as showcasing reimagined portrayals of Vancouver’s Art Deco.”

BC Booklook:

“Lost Vancouver: An Art Deco Tour is a new take on Vancouver’s on-again, off-again embrace of its architectural past.”

CBC The Morning Show

Radio Canada:

<<c’est un processus intéressant à la fois pour l’illustrateur et le photographe (...) on sent dans la photographie une conversation; l’ envie d’aller revoir ces bâtiments. (...) est-ce que ça pourrait peut-être devenir un livre?>>

CHEK news:

“Vancouver’s lost history uncovered at art deco exhibition.”

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