Feminist Narrative Therapy Program

Learning therapist



Queer Arts Festival
Art Song Lab


I'm a learning therapist at ProChoices Clinic's Feminist Narrative Immersion Program.

ProChoices is an all-inclusive non-profit organization that strives to make mental health support accessible through offering counselling services on a 85% reduced rate / sliding scale. The Feminist Narrative Immersion Program is a cohort of learning therapists who receive individual and group cohort teachings with hands-on practices with supervision. Its fundamental approach is narrative therapy with intersectional feminist values.

An annual collaboration performance project, ASL selects and pairs up 12 poets and 12 composers to produce 12 art songs in total. These songs then go through a week of workshops and revisions, both between collaborators and in public settings, before a world-premier concert at the end of the week.  
ASL 2016 was part of Queer Arts Festival. 


So Close To Epiphany

Producer & Interlocutor

A personal creative project that resembles a podcast. 
I broadcast recordings: conversations, sounds, interactions, monologues, etc. 
On SoundCloud & Anchor